“An Artist Who Aims To Transcend The Gap Between Human Minds”

Jenny Han is originally from South Korea, studied Fashion at the University of Arts London and graduated in 2017. She worked partially as an illustrator and a private art tutor for young children in the middle of her education years. Previously, she was engaged in fine art studio works during her 20s in South Korea for three years. Now, she is living in Belgium since 2019 summertime. The complicated self from her whole engagement into identity journey through educations and experiences lead to being a multi-disciplinary visual artist.

She was intrigued by cartoon-based storybooks, making her enthusiasm to see reality as an abstract figure of platforms. She loved the dreamy lanes of focusing eyes into the philosophical world. The majority of her works contribute to linking the syntax of image makings that she tries not to use any of the previous inventions experimented by other artists.

Currently, she works with taking some whimsical abstract figures and cartoon based illustrated resources into one particular 2D format and then re-format the subjective images, remaining equivocal resemblances, and familiar symbols. Typically, her adoration of the sunflower became her loveable symbol of creation.

Every piece of her artwork has been set as a range of sunflower series that explains the personal depiction of human life story. Sunflower itself represents multiple creations that contain the whole validity of recreational meanings beyond what the eyes see in the world. All the floral associations depict sunflowers, but with every aspect of details, consciously and unconsciously using all packages her skills, both for redefining figurative and abstract languages with colour theory and expressing inner-self into the particular natural object.

At present, she is grateful and appreciative for gaining genuine connections between international artists and art lovers through her fan-based responses on her Instagram gallery. She was thrilled by getting some of her artworks featured via @yngspc and@contemporaryartsclub. Besides, she was one of the 6th and 7th edition's finalists on @prismaartprize. Thankfully, she had a chance to participate in the first edition of the group exhibition, titled "What is Art", in December 2020 at Boomer gallery. Her work has quickly drawn interest from several galleries and social media to get featured.

Artist Bio

I used to take an enormous interest in talking about abstract emotions, turning them into creative works of art concerning a humanitarian perspective. I wonder how people create the world within their original functionings in social organizations, and some domains were my ultimate question.

My starting journey was from creating a visualizing subject on a paper or canvas. But I was not clear enough about myself to establish a strong sense of talent when I was in my 20s in South Korea. But, my discipline through my previous UK fashion education and international experiences has cultivated me as a good tool for me to move with a single aim of leveraging my experience to enhance my analytical mindset. My unique character thought coming from the most stabilized Korean mentality, polluted with conservative mapping thought-expending process had created me into a demonstrational behaviour set must appear for the main reason my passion get more recognized. The hallmarks of the brilliant mind with an independent complexity in hearty dignity can forbid the hindrance of challenging the bottom line of the safety net. It has been a long-distance journey to get on with what I imagine to represent my best self.

Creativity has the rigid thought of powerful establishment in those with specialized brain functions. People think, especially in a conservative society in South Korea, that creativity is something beyond untowardness, covered by novel images to attract people. It is a substential difficulty for them to understand to apply ambiguous and abstractive standards as a form of creativity. However, I strongly feel that the sensation within the creative domain exists from generalized libidinal energy on a person’s passion. It is more likely to have the willpower to handle untowardness to uniqueness under the criteria of philosophical firmness.

Extending the purview of creativity beyond nature and culture to include the processes and shaping the material universe allows us to envision the creative mentality itself for a generative multiplicity. Developing a unique Identity as originality is a challenge, and not many would have come a whole circle to say the above. But, I have been building throughout my experience and level of investment in time and travel. I hope to share the beautiful path of life story with some understanding people who can embrace creative goals and norms that enhance their enjoyment of life. I believe there is always a strong possibility of getting recognized with a chain of successful life stories within understanding better the humanistic side of values.

Artist CV

Features &  Publications:

•One of the 4th batch of honorable listed online featured artists on @thecontemporaryartsclub, Aug 3rd 2020 (Artwork Title: The Key of Heaven / Media: Digital Painting)

•A featured Artist on @yngspc via @yngspccommunity (Artwork Title: Release My Inner Self / Media: Digital Painting)

•A featured artist with the artwork, titled " I Always Kiss You, And You Can Put Your Smile Back", one of the 7th edition's finalists on @prismaartprize

 Website: https://www.prismaartprize.com/

•A featured artist with the artwork, titled "I Love You to Your Bones", one of the 6th edition's finalists on @prismaartprize

•A featured artist in the 1st edition of Boomer Art Magazine 2021

Website: https://boomergallery.net/

•A featured artist in issue 16 of Artist Talk Magazine 2021

 Website: https://www.artisttalkmagazine.com/

•A featured artist on @londonpaintclub ( Artwork Title: I Always Kiss You, And You Can Put Your Smile
Back/ Medium: Digital Painting)

Website: https://londonpaintclub.com/

•A selected artist in Artfolio Magazine 2022 ‘A curated collection of the world’s most exiting artists’

Website: https://www.artfolioannual.com/

•Artist Of The Month August 2021, ARTJOBS

Website: https://www.artjobs.com/op/artist-of-the-month/2021

•The Circle Foundation of the Arts/ The CFA Artist of the Month, August. September : a featured artist on CFA website, August 25, Award Website: https://circle-arts.com/

•The Visual Art Open UK & International Art Award @ The Visual Art Open , listed as a shortlist, August 30,

Award Website: https://www.visualartopen.com/

•3rd Flower @ Art Show International 2021

Received the Honorable Mention Award Certificate

Award Website: https://www.artshowinternational.com/

• Art Show International Gallery/ Finalist Award 5th Abstract Contest/ 6 April 2022

• Artrepreneur People'e Choice 2021, A selected nominee of the contest

• The Top 20 of the Summer Art Vue Prize Competition 2022 @bruxellesartvue contest

•The Talented Prize Award in Art Show International Gallery’s 4th Flower competition 2022




Exhibitions ( Virtual & Physical ):

•At Boomer Gallery (December 4 - December 10, 2020) -Title of Group Exhibition "What is Art" 

Website: https://boomergallery.net/

•At Boomer Gallery (July 4 2021) -Title of Group Exhibition “ Boomer Week”

Website: https://boomergallery.net/

•At M.A.S.D Milano Gallery (Jun 25- July 04, 2021) -Title of Group Exhibition “Coming Out” 

Website: https://www.madsgallery.art/

•At Holy Art Gallery (Jun 18 – Jun 25, 2021) - Title of Group Exhibition “Symphonia”

Website: https://www.theholyart.com/

•At Holy Art Gallery (Jun 29 – Jul 06, 2021) – Title of Group Exhibition “Utopia”

Website: https://www.theholyart.com/

•At M.A.S.D Milano Gallery (July 23 –August 03, 2021) “PARAISO”

Website: https://www.madsgallery.art/

•At The Capital Culture House (Aug5-Aug15, 2021) “FLUORESCENT” 

Website: https://capitalculturehouse.org/

•At Holy Art Gallery (Oct 29 - 4 Nov, 2021) - Title of Group Exhibition “ THE ART OF SELF REGULATION “

Website: https://www.theholyart.com/

•At Holy Art Gallery (Jun 29 – Jul 06, 2021) – Title of Group Exhibition“Utopia”

• At M.A.S.D Milano Gallery (July 23 –August 03, 2021) “PARAISO”

•At The Capital Culture House (August 5- August 15, 2021 )“FLUORESCENT”

•At Holy Art Gallery (October 29 - November 4, 2021) - Title of Group

•At Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery (December 15 - January 14) -Title of
Group Exhibition "Winter"

Solo Exhibitions:

•At Art Show International (a solo exhibition offer granted, 14 July, 2021)

Website: https://www.artshowinternational.com/

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